Reservations Agent needed to work with our Custom-Built Reservation Request System & Charter Reservations System and with Global Distribution Systems such as the Worldspan CRS (Centralized Reservation System), Sabre, Amadeus and Galileo for making and processing reservations.

Your job, among other tasks, will be to:

  • Process reservation inquiries, requests and booking received by email, telephone, fax, in person or via the online reservation systems on our websites.
  • Executing the related tasks involved with processing the abovementioned inquiries, requests and bookings, including coordinating and monitoring the payment processes involved.
  • Preparing the ticketing processed and monitoring the execution of ticketing provided by our fulfilment partners.
  • Preparing and maintaining the reports of the daily sales, reservations and ticketing.
  • Maintenance of all contacts with clients by email, fax, telephone and in person in our Customer Contact Database (CRM).


As Sales and Marketing Manager, you will be responsible for all sales and marketing activities of AirStMaarten, both online and offline.

Your areas of responsibilities are:

  • Re-adapting, developing, reviewing and implementing sales and marketing strategies for online and offline channels.
  • Maintaining and developing current customer database.
  • Maintaining and developing working relationships with current (and new) service providers, customers, corporate clients and advertisers.
  • Preparing, presenting and managing annual sales budgets/targets.

You should have at least the following qualifications:

  • At least a bachelor's degree in marketing.
  • Experience in the online travel industry is a plus.
  • People manager and team player being able to communicate with colleagues and customers.
  • Knowledge of the English language, orally and in writing. Dutch, French, Spanish and Papiamento language is a plus.
  • Hands-on and pro-active mentality.
  • Sales-driven and a real go-getter.





Pilots needed to fly Britton Norman BN Islanders and/or DHC Twin Otters. Minimum required flight time is 500 hours.
Good starting salary offered.


Mechanics needed to maintain BN Islanders and/or DHC Twin Otters.
Good starting salary offered.

Inquiries welcomed

Please email us your inquiry together with CV and application letter.

Email management at airsxm dot net.

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Pilot and Mechanic Needed to Fly and Maintain this B.N. Islander aircraft

Twin Otter available for charters

Twin Otter available for private charters

The Twin Otter is a perfect aircraft for groups of up to 19 passengers. This aircraft will be ready for performing charter flights as of November 15th, 2008. We operate as a virtual airline. Meaning we don't own our own aircrafts. We represent various airlines and aircraft operators with a diversity of planes of different capacities: 7, 9 and 19 seats who operate flights and charters on our behalf, making it possible to provide you with better flexibility for whatever size your group group may be.

Twin Otter aircraft specifications:

Seating Capacity: 19
Location of Exit Row: Row 2
Wingspan: 65'
Fuselage Length: 51' 9"
Cruising Speed: 160 knots
Engines: 2
Pilots: 2

Private Charters VIP Style
Flying you when you want to and where you want to without hassles!!!

It's just smarter to charter !!!

Other aircrafts available for private charters throughout the Caribbean:

Super King Air B200

Super King Air B200 9-seater twin-engine aircraft

Piper Navajo Panther

Piper Navajo Panther 7-seater twin-engine aircraft

Lear 25 jet 

Lear 25 jet

This Lear jet is also available for medevac charter flights.

Visit to request a charter.
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