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AirStMaarten Helicopter - Great for heli-charter services
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The Eurocopter AS355N 5-seater twin-engine helicopter is a versatile aircraft that is perfect for private heli charter flights, island tours and aerial photography shoots.

Eurocopter AS 355N 5-seater twin-engine helicopter specs

The Eurocopter AS355N helicopter seats 5 passengers besides the pilot and has safety as its number one feature due to its twin turbo-powered engines.

Eurocopter AS355N Maximum Luggage Capacity Allowance

The Eurocopter AS355N 5-seater twin-engine helicopter comfortably carries up to five (5) passengers with compartments for carry-ons and medium to large luggage pieces.

Eurocopter AS355N - Carry-on Luggage Sizes

The Eurocopter AS355N 5-seater twin-engine helicopter easily carries up to five (5) passengers with compartments for carry-ons and medium to large pieces of luggage weighing up a maximum of 23 kilos. 

Air St. Maarten Helicopter for Aerial Photography Shoots & Sightseeing Island Tours

Request a helicopter flight with the Eurocopter AS355N 5-seater twin-engine aircraft. Choose heli-flights from St. Martin to St. Maarten (island sightseeing tour or for an aerial photography shoot), from St. Maarten to St. Barths, from St. Maarten to Anguilla or from St. Barths to Anguilla.

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Eurocopter AS 355-N Helicopter in St. Martin

Eurocopter AS 355-N Helicopter in St. Maarten

Interior seating 5-seater Eurocopter AS 355-N Helicopter

The Eurocopter AS 355-N is a twin-engine 5-seater helicopter that is available for private charter transfers between St. Maarten, St. Barths and Anguilla, sightseeing tours and aerial photography shoots.

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Twin Otter available for charters

Twin Otter available for private charters

The Twin Otter is a perfect aircraft for groups of up to 19 passengers. This aircraft will be ready for performing charter flights as of November 15th, 2008. We operate as a virtual airline. Meaning we don't own our own aircrafts. We represent various airlines and aircraft operators with a diversity of planes of different capacities: 7, 9 and 19 seats who operate flights and charters on our behalf, making it possible to provide you with better flexibility for whatever size your group group may be.

Twin Otter aircraft specifications:

Seating Capacity: 19
Location of Exit Row: Row 2
Wingspan: 65'
Fuselage Length: 51' 9"
Cruising Speed: 160 knots
Engines: 2
Pilots: 2

Private Charters VIP Style
Flying you when you want to and where you want to without hassles!!!

It's just smarter to charter !!!

Other aircrafts available for private charters throughout the Caribbean:

Super King Air B200

Super King Air B200 9-seater twin-engine aircraft

Piper Navajo Panther

Piper Navajo Panther 7-seater twin-engine aircraft

Lear 25 jet 

Lear 25 jet

This Lear jet is also available for medevac charter flights.

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